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Nova Water



Water is the most important natural resource on earth, and the most vital one for all forms of life, especially our own. We recognize the essential role of healthy water as the key to human growth and vitality. We are therefore keen on playing a major role in the water industry, by pioneering the bottling of pure water right from the source. As such, it is our goal to provide our customers with pure drinking water, following the highest standards of quality.

To provide consumers with the best quality water, Nova water strived to keep its commitment by establishing its bottling plant in (Se’ed), a protectorate area that is free of pollution, away from urban structures, and contains one of the cleanest sources of water in the kingdom.



The Golf Event

Jan 30, 2018

The Saudi International powered by SBIA – has organized one of the Kingdom’s most significant annual sporting events to date. Its significance is highlighted by the number of world-class golf athletes. The Saudi International perfectly revealed the Kingdom’s natural beauty, its warm hospitality and showcase that the Kingdom is very much open for business. Nova was the official hydration partner in this unique event.

The Beach Event

Oct 2018

The beach event is one of the largest events in the Eastern Region, it’s a new activity that includes a wide variety of recreational activities for the entire family. The event is an ambitious goal to enrich public life in the Kingdom.
The Beach event aims at enhancing the quality of life and build a balanced life style by participating in cultural, entertainment and sport activities. Nova was part of the fun by being the hydration partner.

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